The illusion of separation
Dear one we want to talk to you about the illusion Of separation. There is not a single thing, not a single single thing that happens in this world that you do alone. It is impossible! Even if you make a decision by yourself you will ultimately need the help of someone else to make anything happen. We have spent lifetimes and lifetimes feeling as if we are by ourselves, lost in a sea of many, a useless number amongst millions and billions. What’s the old saying about change? What can I do? I am just one person. The message here is clear. This notion is not only wrong wrong wrong but it is outdated and useless. The truth is that it is the power of one to make a change within a community of millions and billions. So the next step from awaking from the illusion that we are alone and powerless is the realization that we are containers of a vast well of inner strength and by turning inward and tapping into that power we CAN make changes happen in our outer world, by changing our inner world. Well that seems like the answer! Let’s all go inward and everything will reflect outward. End of story. Nope! That is the tip of the iceberg. What is actually happening is that through the inner work we have activated an energy that is connected to the celluline grid which is connected directly to the energetic core of the earth. Our energy and the earth’s energy have always been connected because we are born and survive of that energy and when we die our bodies return to the energy grid and our souls assigned to this earth return to a new form of formed matter. We are constantly shapeshifting and moving our energy around the grid. But this is different. In this new environment, past the shift, we are being asked to, I would even say it is happening regardless, to co-exist and co-create with the hearth (earth) in a harmonic flow. And when a person is vibrating at a certain level they are energetically matching the frequencies of the planet so that we are hormonizing (harmonizing) our energies and through this, the wavelengths increase. This new heightened energy then moves across the planet is the way energy moves; through water and wind; through rain and rivers and through us! As we move, whether physically relocate or travel or through our interactions with others and their movements, we move this energy. It’s like dominos. Now that the chain reaction has started, it will not stop. I have this image of the earth as a clear crystal, almost like one of those things you would put your hand on and see all of the electrically inside. What I see inside this energetic womb of the earth is our energy and the earth’s energy reacting together to cause an electrical change. Something is happening as the two energies merge together. This is all still part of the gestation I was mentioning. There is a big change underway but just like a pregnancy, things are still developing. I keep hearing September. So please know that with all of these changes you may feel tired, wired, elated and moody. It may be changing from hour to hour! Again I keep hearing, just like a pregnancy. 
Notes on notes: sometimes typos occur in these messages that are intended as part of the message. I include the word I meant in the parentheses next to the typo. Numbers pop in sometimes too. I always leave them in. 


(Apparently not a word but the choice felt intentional). I feel the meaning is being of a cellular grid, more that a crystalline grid, but an electrically connected grid working through synapses and cells to carry the information moving around the earth


(Apparently not a word but meant here is the activation of hormones in a certain way)

Biochemistry.any of various internally secreted compounds, as insulin or thyroxine, formed in endocrine glands, that affect the functions of specifically receptive organs or tissues when transported to them by the body fluids.

Heart + Earth 

The fireplace of home 


2 thoughts on “Heart + Earth

  1. This is so awesome! Months ago I saw our personal energy field change into a combination of personal energy and Gaia! This really helps me understand that shift! Thank you! I’m going to repost this on my blog since it syncs in so nicely!

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