A Message of Love, Balance and Perseverance From RBG

It is with a broken and hopeful heart that I share these words that came through yesterday in a channeled message from RBG. She will continue her work on the other side of the veil, and we must continue on with our work towards love, balance and justice, for they are intricately linked together, and work best when that is known and acknowledged.

Don’t let the fear of being right stop you from the important work you are here to do. (Channeled message from RBG)

I am always a bit shy to share channeled messages from those that have crossed over for fear of getting a fact or a name wrong, and then the old self doubt that comes with that; fear of judgement, etc. This is something I have been working through and it always feels good to share anyway, and move past those old fears. I love that in this message Ruth was very clear that the work we are here to do is far more important than any sense of rightness or perfection. It’s about love, balance and perseverance. We must all start somewhere and move past our fears in order to go to those places we seek. (So if some names or facts are not correct about her life here, please know that the message that came through was so much more important than that, and I could feel her stressing that.) Thank you for reading these messages. I am deeply inspired by you, and by the collective sense of sharing and love we are all able to hold when we come into these spaces together.

A message from Ruth:

I had to go. It was time. I have to be part of the change and also step aside so the change may come. I was a place holder between the old and the new, a doorway and a transition. I want to be with my Arnie (Hal). I want to be with my children. What a life this has been. You think it’s rough, (tough) we’ll just look where we started. And you know what else? As much as what I did was celebrated for my politics and perseverance  and point of view, my secret (not so secret!) ingredient was love. I could never have been the Harvard girl with all those boys (and it kept on being the girls and the boys up until we were old men and women!) without allowing love to be present. This will be learned and this will become commonplace. There is no justice without love. It cannot be. So there you have it. I need not give you an entire dissertation. You know me. You know my story. And now the story will become a new story. I will always be here. I will come back again in time to enjoy the changes I helped to pave the way for. Thank you for knowing me. Thank you for caring about me and respecting me and being part of the change with me. It need not all be perfecto as sometimes we get it “wrong” but in time it’s the wrong things that shape us, so there is no such thing as not right. It all balances out in the end, just like the scales of justice, for which I held so dearly. Thank you my dear for transcribing (stenographer!) my message. L’Shana tova to this new year and its balancing of scales. Namaste. Goodbye. 

A note on the numerology of her passing: 09/18/2020. Nine signifies endings, 18 is chai/life, the doubling of 9, and adds up to 9, so 9 and 9 comes back to 9. All endings. Transition. And 2020 is 4. 9 plus 4, 13 is 4, and 4 is the number for balance, which we are always working to achieve.

When a Tree Falls…

Dear one and ones, one in all and all in one. We wish you a good day, a good morning, a good evening, wherever in the world you are, wherever in the sphere of existence you may be reading this. That our energetic paths are crossing at this moment is miraculous and no coincidence, but this also does not take away from the speciality of it all, this whole existence thing. You are here, in form, at this moment. What it took to bring that about, to make that happen, and yet you fret about all things great and small. Know that all things that occur are also part of that miraculous occurrence, that they were brought here at this moment to occur and not only that, that they entered your awareness. They are now a part of your story. Is that coincidence? The old if a tree fall in the forest proverb. Well once you’ve heard about said tree it is linked to you, it is your story. So you see nothing is random. Threads of everything link the whole tapestry of experience together. You are currently watching many trees fall, whether literally or metaphorically. This is a time of upheaval to allow for rebirth and new growth. Thank the trees that have been standing for all they have provided, the cover from the hot sun, the oxygen you breath, the products you’ve created from them, the money you decided you needed (and those that can see the forest for the trees see we are not just talking about trees here). Those in positions of power, the roles of power themselves, the structure built to house this power and allow it to continue unfettered is a falling tree, but for many many millennia you relied on this to live and have your human experience in duality. Now that you are ready to move beyond, you harbor much anger and regret at this system, but always know on a deeper level you helped create and participate because it was needed for your growth at the time. Much like you may look back at choices in your life, choices you wouldn’t make now, and say how could I have allowed that, how could I have been complicit in creating that situation, and may possibly feel regret or loss or anger over those times and places, but we say dear one that was all part of your evolution. You had to crawl before you could walk, and someday soon you will be thanking yourself for the gift of that learning experience and the fortitude you had in persevering through it and looking back on it with love. Someday when you have some space from these chaotic times, you will see what a gift they are to you, to you all. We are not saying that day is now, but you may already have some perspective on how all of these shifts are allowing a doorway to align with the greater good of humanity and move away from the old paradigms that you are energetically finished with (which is where all change begins) and now are seeing the physical manifestations of those energetic changes. Know this is all part of the process. There is so more we could say, but for now know that in these days of ever shifting change (and more and more and more to come) that you are simply paving the way for what you will do next, and if you’re wondering what that is or how that will feel, look inside your heart and feel the loving vibration that resides there, and know someday soon this will be reflected right back to you on a global scale. You hold the blueprint for the redesign and the key material is love. Never forget the power of THAT. Namaste. I love you. The Creator.

Your Earth is Shifting Too

Dear one, well firstly good morning. We want to go a little slower with this one. We feel there are things to be said and discussed that we do not talk about often. Your earth plane is shifting. This much you know. Generally we do not feel it is important to talk about how the earth itself is shifting in the scale of the larger cosmic order. The entire universe is shifting. Most things are, by design, moving in the order and direction of a spiral. In a two dimensional mode of thinking, a spiral appears flat, where things move in or out from center, generally inward, but in actuality the spiral is a complex multidimensional shape, so that with each rotation of the spiral, a new level of existence is achieved. Let’s call it an up leveling. The centripetal force of the rotation means that the movement does not stop. An object in motion stays in motion. So, your planet, and you of course, though you see yourself as a separate being, you are a finger nail on the pinky of the body of the planet, not separate in any sense, is moving moving moving, into a brand new level of existence. Much as your body template is changing and morphing and shifting (which is part in parcel for you to meet the new frequencies the planet will soon embody), the earth body is changing as well. On the cosmic universal calendar, the year for earth is much like the high water mark for you, as you will remember 2020 as the start of a new era, in retrospect, you will see this, the year the earth is achieving in her record is much similar. Of course it is much much older than your 2020, billions of intergalactic light years, almost incalculable in scope and scale to what you understand of “time”, but some day you will, and on the other side you know, but this is beside the point. This is why we don’t often discuss these larger matters because it is not critical to your mission here, except now it is. As the earth shifts into her new year, you are also shifting, as you must, so that she is not held back by the destructive nature of ignorant behavior. Much like someone walking somewhere with purpose and someone else, a child maybe, holding their leg and pulling them back, out of fear. Your mother is accomplishing something near and dear to her earthly soul, and you must and will mature into the beings that respect that she is an autonomous being, though she gives all of herself to care for you and nourish you. Allow her the same respect and homage. She deserves all of your gratitude. And if you would let her do her job and stand out of her way, you will see how this new phase benefits you as well, in such a beautiful way. We say this not to admonish you at all. And we also say this is a foregone conclusion. She has already done this. You are already evolving and evolved into a place of symbiosis with her, so for those that feel frustrated for what you see being done to the planet, this message is one of hope and reassurance. Know that you also live in a time where this is no longer happening, and this timeline is a memory as well as a precursor, a chance to heal this now for later, and later to heal for now. Again, time is a multidimensional spiral where all happens in the now moment. Past and future are constructs to allow organization of thought and structure but they are very malleable and interchangeable. Everything is and will be ok! And for those of you on earth who do not understand the value of your home, your mother, this is an opportunity for shift, whether by choice or by kicking and screaming. Either way it is an opportunity for your growth and learning. As you learn to flow with the currents of life and the energetic changes, this all becomes much easier, and this too is a deep and beautiful process, and this is why you are here. So when someone is navigating the river with all of their courage, it is not always helpful to explain the Quantum physics behind the existence of said river, and the world at large. It is not the time and place (space) which is why it is not often relevant to talk about the cosmos in this way. As well and as an aside, what exists within you on a microcosm (micro cosmo) is the same, yes the same, as what exists outside of you. As above, so below. All is portals and gateways. Size is an illusion much as time, again to provide context and structure to your larger mission of growth here, but do not be daunted by how small you may perceive yourself to be, based on what you have been taught or even the actual physical scale of things. A mustard seed can move a mountain. You are both the seed and the mountain. Always know this. Always trust this. And if it is easier for you, forget about the larger world outside, whether cosmically or in your daily life. This is not an invitation to ignorance, rather an offering of peace to go within the universe inside you, in love, and see yourself in the spiral of your life as a soul. It is moving just as the earths in moving. Can you feel it? Can you feel the power there? It is a beautiful process. Know that wherever you are on the river of your cosmic life, is where are are meant to be and wanted to be. Allow this to flow. All is in perfect divine harmony, even if you cannot see that or feel that. And if you cannot, it is an opportunity to allow more of that feeling in. Again, the process is the journey and the practice is the joy. We love you so darn much! Thank you for allowing us to take you to the outer edges of time and space and deep within your hearts, minds and souls, as all are one in the same. Namaste 🌏

Loving Yourself

Dear one, hello and glad tidings. We wish to discuss the topic of self respect and self affirmation. Again we can feel some of you roll your eyes. “Another lecture on loving myself?”, you wonder. We smile because you think that you DO love yourself, and then we see how you have negative self talk, how you make choices not because of what you want in your deepest heart, but because of what other people want, choices for what seems easiest, to avoid conflict, and honesty with yourself. Now we know this is not an easy topic. We can feel you squirming. You don’t want to read this or hear this. But we assure you this is not an admonishment! We, who love you so so very dearly and truly, wish to offer you the opportunity and again, the permission, to love yourself not just in theory as a friend or a partner who you “love” but don’t display that love through your actions towards that relationship. Do you love yourself in words or in deeds, or both? When you allow yourself to truly love yourself, you will see your outer world begin to match your inner world, and this can only happen one choice point at a time, to bring you closer and closer to that which your heart desires. And you may read these words and feel frustrated that you have ended up so far from where you wish to be or go, but we say, knowing this is a choice. This is being honest with your heart. Nothing is ever too late or too far gone. Do what is most comfortable, make one small pivot. Or what is most uncomfortable and one giant leap. But in either case, the choice should resonate fully with your whole body mind and soul, and there is no rush to do this. Even if you feel certain changes are imminent, this is you previewing what is to come. Allow yourself the time and space to arrive there, as this heals and shifts across all timelines, past and future. Where you are now, where we all are now is a crossroads, a transition from linear ego based decision making factoring all outside influences, and instead shifting to a world of choices built out of self love within the heart. This is not self-ish, this is self love. The difference is that which most resonates in your heart soul and mind, the grand trifecta, will also resonate with the outside world, not at the expense of the outside world. As each begins to do this, the collective glue is held together by a very different frequency than now, one not based in separation, but instead the collective wholeness of the one heart of source, of which you are a part, acting here on earth as an ambassador of creativity. You will see this change gradually, and erratically at first and then much more seamlessly as all begin to gravitate to this way of living from the heart, as it feels so much more natural and easy than anything before. Right now there is still the issue of the outside world rebutting the heart centered choices in some aspects, but this is a larger collective ego resistance, much as you have felt that within yourself and have negotiated this and reprogrammed your ego to love instead of simply survive at all costs. This will and is happening on a global scale. What begins within your one heart is reflected to the entire planet. So trust that the work you are doing in your one heart has far far reaching implications. This need not be your motivation, or add pressure to what you’re already doing, living as a human on earth (not easy!) but we tell you this to show you that what you are doing is important, even if you cannot see that importance reflected right away or even for a long while, externally. But we do not think you will have to wait so long. In fact we know if you are reading this you are already seeing signs of this. The universe conspires to bring you what your heart desires! Simply ask! Do not be afraid! Ask and trust that your order has been received 😉 And in the meantime, enjoy the process dear ones, for the process is the meat of it. The process is what you came here for. Not the results. The results are the reward of allowing yourself to shift and change through the process of ego separation to open heart frequency. What a shift! We can’t wait to see what you do or where you will go! This is all so very exciting! We love you so much. We wish for you to love yourselves as much as we love you, which is infinitely. Thank you so much for sticking around to the end of this message! We hope that what made you squirm earlier now fills you with elation! You are god’s gift. You are always loved. Always and forever. In infinite gratitude to you, namaste.

We Love You

Giant Sequoia bringing a message of patience and resiliency, and growth through weathering change

Dear ones good morning. How are you feeling on this fine morning? We wish to come to you today with a message of our deepest love for you. Maybe you think all we do is come in to tell you we love you, and we say that isn’t all we are here to do! But we are here to serve as your allies and friends, and often times even though you love others and your love yourselves, you are shy and guarded and do not hear the words or feel the sentiment quite as much as your heart would love and allow, so we are here to assist with our showering of loving kindness on you! We love you we love you we love you! Doesn’t that feel soo nice? 🥰 So we do not mean our outpouring of love as a Trojan horse, but there is something else we’d like to discuss. Things are about to get a bit rocky. That could be an understatement. A storm is coming. Now mind you, storms arise when conditions are right and generally there is some energy the earth is transmuting. The storms act as a vacuum cleaner of sorts for an energetic blockage. We do not wish to tell you at this time what is unfolding for you will see soon enough, but please know that it is nothing your resilient hearts can not handle. Remember this. Storms come and storms go. That is what they do. And anything that can not withstand the storm will go as well, leaving room for something new to be built, or something worth saving to be reborn. We do not want you to feel fear. Know that there are cycles and cycles so far beyond your human comprehension. You will weather this storm and you will witness the rainbow. It will be ok! In the meantime please keep these words in your heart, I love you. They are the key to so much. Know how much you are loved for being you. Not for anything you do or say or accomplish. Simply for being you, you are already doing so much! We love you we love you we love you. We are always here to tell you that. Find a quiet space within your home, within yourself, take a few moments each day or whenever you feel you need us, and call upon us, and you will hear us say we love you, with a lightness in your beautiful ancient wise loving pink heart, that knows no boundaries, for its sole purpose is to love and accept love. Your only job right now dear ones is to allow. Receive. Hold space for yourself and others as often as you can. See your pink heart. Tell yourself I love you. For love is your divine nature by default. The shackles to that will be taken away one at a time, gradually, as you are ready, to facilitate the grand unveiling of universal love on a global scale. All things come in cycles. You have played out the role of duality and Separateness, aggression fear lack and sadness, and now as the wheel turns you will play out the play of love, simplicity, connectedness, abundance and truth. It will be a glorious sight to be hold. For now you are in transition, and this is where storms “help” things along. So do not fear. Know the love within you and know you are inching closer and closer to a brighter day. With all of our love, which is immense and infinite, your guides. Namaste. We love you.

Language of the Heart

Dear ones, good afternoon. We cannot tell you how to feel. We would not want to. Human emotion is a complex and benevolent gift. There is so much beauty in all that you feel; the way things coming into your reality and filter through your heart and mind and neural pathways and ultimately how you process that down into emotion, which you then have the choice to either display to yourself, to yourself and others, or to no one, to squirell away for later (or in your mind which may choose the repressive path, you hope never) and you may squirrel these emotions away even from your conscious mind. And so then now what? What happens to those long buried often forget nuggets of feeling? Are you much like the squirrel in winter who cannot remember where or why he buried anything? Are you starving and cut off from your source of security and nourishment? You do have much in common with the little squirrel you do realize. So many on your planet, and for those of you in America right now we will speak to you, so many in your country have buried their emotions and lost the source. They are hurting and wounded and worried and wondering. They are just like you. We know this is hard to accept sometimes. The brain, that same brain that is processing these thoughts into these lost emotions, is good at the game of other, of separation, of blame fear rejection and denial. It is a game you have long been taught and have learned to excel at. But what about the other side of the coin? Your heart, shackled for far too long under the dictatorship of the brain and the ego (foot soldier) to remain quiet and feel only what instructed to feel. Do you ever consider why falling in love is so beautifully wonderful? Because your heart allows itself in those moments to be as full and as open as it is designed to be, much like that of a baby. There is joy and wonder and a carefree feeling, that lasts as long as the heart is allowed to remain open, before the brain steps back in with its precautions and checkpoints. But in these moments, this is what your heart is designed to do. Now think about when your heart breaks. It is because that is “taken away” by some form or another. The other person closes their heart, or you yours and then the emotions are felt, and have no good channel for release, and are buried. Think of the cemetery of your broken heart. The brain does not want you find those buried nuts. Better to move forward, press on, hold back, lash out. So we say all this, which may seem obvious in thought, but is much easier to think about than feel, to show you how hurt the world is. The world’s humans have a collective broken heart. What will heal this? Unconditional love. Again, obvious yes in theory, but are you practicing this? Can you allow yourself to try to practice this. Unconditional. This does not mean you allow yourself to be victimized or boundaries stepped on, but it does mean knowing the difference between what you know to be true in your heart and allowing each to show up in his or her own time, while you meanwhile learn to love yourself. Again, obvious? But what does it mean to love yourself unconditionally? Are you kind in the way you talk to yourself? Do you berate yourself for small or large things? Do you appreciate how precious you are as a soul, as a human, as you being you? You are a gift. You are divine gift from source, of source and of light. We hope you can see and appreciate this sentiment, and see and appreciate the beauty and wonder of you. ❤️ There is so much joy to be found within you. Start with your heart. Let it turn pink. Hold the image of your big beautiful pink heart. How lovely does that feel. That is the love you hold for you. It is infinite, boundless and endless. It can never run out and is always replenished therefore you need not be stingy in unconditionally loving yourself and others. It will take practice but in that practice you will gain a gift and a skill that will feel so good, so light, so boundless (we say it again). You have been shackled for far too long. For once in this life, truly feel what it feels to be free in your heart, in your mind and in your body and soul. You are free. You are free. You are free. Any idea that you are not is an illusion to keep you out of love, to separate you from your true essence. Remember these words. I am love. I am light. I am. I am boundless, I am free, I am abundant, I am sacred, I am divine. I am love. We wish you the finest and happiest of evenings. We wish nothing but joy and smiles on your lips and in your hearts and mind and souls. Thank you for being with us here. Thank you for being so brave, so brave to love when the world may be telling you otherwise, so brave to allow yourself to love yourself and trust your heart. We love you dear ones, far more than we could ever express in the limits of language. We love you in the language of the heart. Thank you thank you thank you. We love you. Namaste. Ps an elephants ear is never empty. 😉 goodnight

Peace in Challenging Times

Dear ones, we know these are challenging times. They might be about to get more challenging. We say this not to scare you, (never to scare you!) But to instead commend you on your resiliency! You have already been through so much, and the more challenges your endure the hardier you become, not in steeliness, but in love, in your hearts for you know deep down, even if you feel fearful or circumstances seem challenging or uncertain, that you are strong. You are brave. You are courageous. You are weathering the storm, and you know in your heart that a beautiful sunny day and possibly the most glorious rainbow, lie at the other end of the deluge. Your hearts are opening wide wide wide and we see, even in the resistance to the uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability that that can create, that you are leaning into it and allowing it, because despite the unruliness of the topsy turvy world you are witnessing unfold, you are also beginning to experience a new kind of inner peace and beauty that you have never felt in this life. Sometimes this may feel contradictory or maddening; how can I feel so much peace while there is so much suffering and unrest? Dear one, this is natural. Peace must begin somewhere. Isn’t in your heart a nice place for it to start? And as you are all one, eventually the tide of peace will ripple across the whole world. Did you know peace is far more contagious than fear? We know how hard this has been, and again we say do not be surprised if it gets harder. This is a birth. You are in labor with the new way of being, and the contractions are coming stronger and stronger. But in the end you will feel so much joy. You’ve got this. And we are here and we love you. Namaste.

You’ve Got a Friend

Dear one, can you feel the light that is breaking through the clouds? Can you feel it beginning to warm your face, to shine upon the ground? It may seem faint, intermittent and far away, but you know the sun is always there, always always there, just on the other side of that cloud (whichever cloud that happens to be at the particular moment! Or clouds should we say, for you feel inundated with clouds!) You may feel like a person living in Seattle in the wintertime. You might feel gloomy. You might feel despondent. You might be SAD. But then, just at that moment, there is that sun shining, giving just a glimpse of what is on the other side of your “cloud”. Do you see? The cloud exists to provide contrast, so you can truly appreciate the sun. So much growth happens in the shadows. Both are an integral part of your human experience, which you purposefully (yes purposefully, and you may think you’d be crazy to sign up for this journey but you did, and you were one of the brave, strong and lucky ones who were chosen, because many many souls wanted to be here now and could not be) again you may think THAT is crazy but rest assured, you wanted this and you chose this, because duality, free will, to be able to complete the work, the hard work, you are undertaking in such circumstances, IS NOT EASY. We stress that to you. This is heavy excavation of very old deep dark painful and deeply rooted memories that go lifetimes back. You have all been both sides of the proverbial coin. Victim and perpetrator, saint and sinner. And you have come to realize through eons and eons of experimenting and wearing all of the hats, that you cannot do this without each other. So now, as the planet shifts into a light vibration and the duality lessens and you can SEE each other, your hearts are breaking for the pain you have caused each other, and the lingering pain you may still be languishing in. To see is to believe. You are witnessing it all, which can be painful, and frustrating, and at the moment the tools for change seem rusty and broken, or out of reach, or not fully visualized yet. Please know as you sit in this in between state that you are cultivating the next step. You are gestating. Do not fault yourselves for any lack of progress you may feel. Trust us that your witnessing each other is such a huge moment for the planet. It is a major leap towards coming back together. You will get here (there). Know how much your empathetic hearts beat for each other, and this, this alone, is doing so much. We assure you. We love you and again we implore you to call on us to take away from your field anything too heavy to carry. This is all about coming together to help each other in love, and though you cannot see us, know that we are here just on the other side of this cloud, sending love and waiting to assist. Simply call on us and we will be there yeah yeah yeah, you’ve got a friend 🙂 namaste.


When you’re down and troubled
And you need some love and care
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nightYou just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll come running, to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there
You’ve got a friendIf the sky above you
Grows dark and full of clouds
And that old north wind begins to blow
Keep your head together
And call my name out loud
Soon you’ll hear me knocking at your doorYou just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll come running, running, yeah, yeah, to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there, yes, I willNow, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend
When people can be so cold?
They’ll hurt you, yes, and desert you
And take your soul if you let them, oh, but don’t you let themYou just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I’ll come running, running, yeah, yeah, to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there, yes, I will
You’ve got a friend
You’ve got a friendAin’t it good to know you’ve got a friend?
Ain’t it good to know, ain’t it good to know, ain’t it good to know
You’ve got a friend?
Oh yeah now, you’ve got a friend
Yeah baby, you’ve got a friend
Oh yeah, you’ve got a friend


Patience While Waiting/In It Together

Dear ones,
We join together with you in this space to wish you a hearty hello and give you a big bear hug of our loving angelic energy. We know your hugs have been few and far between these days, as you have been isolating from each other in order to protect each other. This is a beautiful thing. You are embodying the patience required to put off the instant fulfillment you crave today for the well-being and betterment of all humankind. This is by far and away some of the hardest work you have done thus far as humans incarnate. As you can see, you are all arriving to the stage at various levels of heart centeredness and awareness. You may be feeling frustration at what appears to be the lack of empathy from certain individuals or certain collectives. Know that you must learn to do this work together, and that means bringing the skills you have conscious awareness of to the forefront while you patiently (there’s that again) wait for others to meet you where you reside. Out of respect and love for each other, you must and are meeting each other where you each are, which is not the same, but you are all heading in the same direction. Know that when you find yourself frustrated, angry, despondent or sad, or any number of emotions, that we are always here. Ask us to take this from you and transmute it, so you may once again feel the clarity and purpose of yourself in your own heart. You need not embody what others are putting out especially if it does not resonate. Ask us to help you release it and we surely shall! For now, we’d like to keep this simple and concise. You have enough on your plates. We are here! We are always here. You are doing so wonderfully, to see the way you love yourselves and each other. And we love you. Always and forever. Your guides. Namaste. Ps sticking your heads out of the sand may have left your eyes irritated. The bath is coming to wash this all away. In the meantime, if you cannot “see”, use your other senses, and your other eyes 😉