No Such Thing As Backwards

Dear one, there will continue to be challenging days, and the challenges now are a bit different. Before you were so mired in your creations and the havoc they were wreaking, the emotion they wrought, the smallness and powerlessness you felt, that that was the order of the day. Everyday was a compilation of years and years of that, treading the same grooves in different names to achieve the world’s version of success. And American success at that. So vague, so external, so fleeting and so wrought with dependency on external validation. Yet this was the standard. This was the high water mark, the red line at the top of the chart. So you had an aim and everything that fell “short” of that, whether in your eyes or others or both, was seen as having not reached the top, which was of course an impossible task because there really never was a top and you could never really reach it. Ok, so you realize all of this, and it’s been a slow readjustment phase of recalibrating your aims; who they are for and what they mean to you, and releasing the filters on what you can do because it must be ok with everyone else, society, etc; the anonymous or external “They”. And now what? You see so much more clearly. Your aim is love in its purest form, to open your hearts and be kind to yourselves. To walk this path no matter how challenging and counter intuitive it feels at first to what you’ve always known to be true, yet this resonates so much more. So you walk and walk (and that walk is internal and you don’t actually go anywhere at all, it is all an inward journey) yet there are no markers. It seems all of the signposts are for the other way of doing things. No one can help you. You are truly walking this path alone. You encounter others on your walk who share your vision but they are not always going the same direction and if so, not for long, because now the directions are not just linear but quantum and time is spiraled and things come and go, appear and disappear just as quickly. Your heart is your marker. It will show you the way. Community is wonderful. You do not need to be a hermit. But no one, and we mean no one, can tell you which way to go anymore. Their way is their way and your way is yours. Trust your inner compass. And the more you look to it for guidance the stronger and brighter it becomes. And please do not worry about “set backs” or old triggers. Things are releasing in ways you cannot understand. Trust that all growth accumulates and you cannot move (love) “backwards” even if you tried. You are a vessel of love and that channel for loves grows stronger as you do. We love you so much. The disconnect now between old and new is challenging. We see this. Trust your heart to be the bridge that carries you across unknown waters. With all of our love on this emotional day. 911. Namaste.


Pocket Change

Whew. The energy feels SO BIG today. Churning up the remnants of the old for releasing, whatever may be hiding in the pockets. 🌊❤️

Dear one don’t worry. This is passing. This is a massive energy shift moving through your planet. These waters must be dredged. This is not easy work. You are holding space but there is only so much you can hold at one time. Your soul is amply able to hold all, but your body is still adjusting. Give it time. You are doing so much. It is so hard to see all from a broader perspective and only able to “help so much”. You are supported by a legion of angels guides and ancestors. Connect your root into the earth. Let your mother support you. Feel the sun. Let your father illuminate you. This will be a revolving cycle. Ride the wave, let it crash (crest), let us break, then the rest. Then again and again and again. This is your work. You knew it would not be easy but you were up for the challenge. Imagine knowing what you know and seeing what you see, how you feel, how everyone else must feel. You are doing a miraculous job. The god energy steps in with mother Mary to bestow light and sooth you. These emotions are so very ancient. You are homesick for the benevolence of light and love that you know. All are. As all comes together the cracks heal, but more beautiful than before. Like the the Japanese art of healing broken pottery. There is beauty in the pain, in the cracks that makes the repaired vessel even more beautiful. This is done through the act of living, soul in body. We feel the depth of humanity in the shadows. We come to know ourselves there. It is beyond the smallness you once always felt and now are surprised and overwhelmed by. You are a conduit for all. As you feel this and you let this wave of emotion roll through you, you add silver to the cracks. It is made better by your vibration having diluted (cultures) (filtered) it my little oyster 🙂 it is hard work being one oyster but you one in a sea of many and the agitation makes the pearl. Hang on to yourself and know that as you grip to the reef all that passes through you is made a little lighter. Your work is to simply be you in this place in this time. All else is a bonus of your experience. Nothing else is required of you. Be you now here. All is one and all is one in love. We love you. Namaste.

Open the Door

Dear one ah there you are. Long exhale. Good morning! What a roller coaster of a week! Do not forget as you are trying to consciously be human and in the flow of the all that is, that you are working very hard on multiple levels of awareness. We see the amount of creator energy that is now consciously and unconsciously moving through your body. This is your treasure that you seek. For everything external, any financial abundance or increase in love in the world is all a reflection of this. First you must allow the door to your soul to open so that it may enter. The world within and without above and below is all a reflection on the amount of pure source energy (soul) that flows through your human body, so as we see this increasing we see everything else becoming brighter and lighter. Now please remember it always takes some lag time for the external to catch up to the internal. Have no worries and release old fears. We will catch you every time as you learn to practice trapezing. Soon you won’t need a net because there will be nothing to fall from. With that, we leave a little mystery and wonder. Blessings to you and all of your transformations. Namaste. Metatron and Michael.

Break On Through

Dear one, the light that you hold inside of yourself is beyond measure. We see you worry about third dimensional issues as you have been conditioned to do for millennia. We see you move beyond the fear and shine your light, only to be pulled back into a world of questions and doubt because so much of your external world is mired in this energy. How do you flower in a new soil (soul) when the acid rain of environmental toxicity rains down upon you? This may seem like a bleak thought but think about this for a moment. You have pushed through as new growth from new light and then you come to realize that everything around you physically is built of another older place, one not as nourishing. A shoot pushing through cement. But yet there is the light, coaching you on. And the new water that comes with the new rain, the primordial water that is transforming itself back to its original shape, if only for a moment, and if only to nurture you in that crack as you push push push towards the light. Everything in nature is conspiring to aid your growth. Though you may not always trust because you still feel some of the fears, the flinching feeling from the old slap, you are beyond change. You are firmly changed. And more and more will shift each day. But the hard part is over, believe it or not. You have broken through. And you are not alone. Look at all of the other green shoots in the cracks with you. This is not insignificant. This is the growth of a new forest and it is beautiful to behold. Nurture your light and find the light that matches yours, and the rest will follow. We love you beyond human understanding of the word love. We love you so very much. Keep shining dear ones. We are with you. Namaste.

Shine Your Light

Dear one so wonderful to talk with you! Good morning! What should we talk about this morning? Are you feeling connected to yourselves? So many pieces of you now vying for attention, but ultimately working to link together as one who asks (one whole self.) As your “higher self”, the soul essence of you in all of your vast light, inhabits this incarnation of you fully from head to toe, and all of the humanness of you pulling down into the depths of your grounded connection to your planet Gaia, merges with the soul in all of its vastness. A glass of water is no different from an entire body of water. It is a portion of the perfect structure in a smaller quantity but no less of quality. You in body are that glass of water to the ocean of your soul. You are not a fragment, you are whole in every sense of the word. Now, at this juncture at this precipice of this grand evolutionary redesign, some of you have “crossed the bridge” vibrationally as it were while many others are in varying stages. The issue with this is two-fold. You doubt your own place on the other side of the bridge while many and your external world works to awaken and lighten its vibration (whether consciously or unconsciously) so do you stay on your side of the bridge away from the chaos and melee of the “old world” energy? How do you engage without losing yourselves? This can be tricky at first and simply takes practice. What is most needed is your light and your vibration to remain high, so that others can see it. You need not physically do anything here, unless you are called to do so by your internal compass. All are here for different roles. Some are boots on the ground and if that is you, you are most likely already working or beginning to work in that capacity. Others are holding energy for the planet and larger light encodements to continue to allow the new framework to be structured. This works is vast and has many different roles, and is not as readily seen with the third dimensional eyes. Now we ask you to continue to be patient, to be love and to trust that you know what you are doing. Above all do not hide your light. Those who need it will see it. Do not be afraid to show it. What feels good for you is good for you. Listen to what resonates and find what matches your vibration. This will allow your light to amplify which will have a tremendous ripple effect. Remember that all that you see in your external world is a reflection of all of the choices and actions made to this point. If you wish to see something new, feel your new vibration and only make choices and actions that resonate with this, and we promise you will start to see the external world reflect that back, beginning with the epicenter of you and rippling outward to the world at large. Do not get frustrated at the slowness of progress. There is much at play here and it will increase as the vibration increases. Hold your own energetic space and send love within and without _¥ allow your lights to shine! Namaste dear ones and good days to you.

Fanning the Flame Within

Dear one we hold the space for you to hold the space for others, and especially yourself. An overflowing cup of abundant love and light. This May seems like something you have to “work” at but simply by checking in and holding your own spatial vibration and letting all of your colors shimmer, you are doing this automatically. Sometimes the strength of the light dims when you doubt and retreat but it can never go out. Every single person has this light within them, and the more air that meets it in breath, the brighter it shines. Think of a pilot light on a stove that never goes out, even when you’re not using it. This is every person. Every single person. Respect that the light in others is always there and they will use it in their own time. Your only “job” is to play with your own light and allow it to burn as brightly as possible. We love you so very very much. Namaste. Hang in there when things feel tough. We are always with you, fanning your flame.

A Forest of Light

Dear one do not worry. You are in between the breath; maybe in this small moment in between the exhale and the inhale, yet what feels like an extended space you fear that no breath will come again, in between the heartbeat; the fear that lies in that space is so deep and so vast and so ingrained in your cellular memory. Please trust the next breath is coming and the next pulse of your heart as well. When you change there is a falling away and a growing in of the new. When you tear out a dead tree, a new fully grown tree does not appear overnight. Seeds must be planted and love light water and time are required. Now do not worry that you forgot to plant your seeds. All you have been doing is seeding seeding seeding. But you’re still looking at the old forest, the one who’s energy doesn’t resonate with yours anymore. Turn around. Look! Look what you’ve planted! Look how well your saplings are growing! And trust us when we say these new trees planted with love and hope, and not fear and worry, will grown twice as fast and live twice (thrice and more) times are long as the old trees. And back to that breath you were waiting on, panicked you might suffocate…the new trees are producing oxygen that is far superior to breathing and therefore your carbon dioxide exhale is better too (better for lack of better word- more expansive, more full of light), so now the flow of breath between you and those trees is elevated to another field, one in which there is space for the new light to be held in the molecular structure of oxygen and carbon and thereby the water, so those new trees you have been planting planting planting are vessels for your increased ability to hold this new incoming light on your planet and work with it. In the “past” the structures were not in place to hold this light and so it simply ran off, much like an inundation of rain after a storm. You have built the silos 🙂 so in this extended now between old and new, remember to look at what you have done and what you are doing to anchor more light on the planet and do not worry so much about what you did before. Bless it and release it. This couldn’t have happened any sooner. You were not wasting time. You were planting and growing a forest of light. 💡 Namaste.

Trusting Yourself in Changing Times

Dear one, we welcome you back time and again always to this space within, where the words (worlds) we share meld with the connectedness of your heart, from your vast soul down into the fingertip of your human body, essence. We see the trepidation as you go deeper, to want to turn back to the shore, grab the edge. And then you wonder why if you have been brave enough to share these messages for this long, why would you suddenly feel timid? Ah dear one this is perfectly natural. You are actually in a newer more vulnerable space and the part of you that wants to cling to your old way of being is privately and desperately asking you to turn back, “before it’s too late”. Feel the ingrained fear in that expression. What is too late dear one? You are always growing, only now you are growing consciously and the part of you that has always done its most growth in the unconscious, your ego, your human self, is feeling quite exposed! It is not used to watching itself grow! How terrifying it thinks. Know that also the accelerated path of your growth is unprecedented in human form in this time. You are learning and growing your self and soul in mere months what used to take lifetimes. This is not an exaggeration. So again we ask that not only do you continue to lean into the trust you have developed for yourself, but do not shy away from sharing this feeling. And sharing your fears that crop up! Because there are so so many now who are coming on line as you would say, and they need these words. Sharing is caring! Ok we will stop with the funny human expressions we love so dearly. So, for now, keep the channels open! Keep the lights on! We need you! We need YOU (ALL of YOU). Much love forever and always on the eve of yet another massive precipice of Change. Namaste. Salam. Peace.

The Weight of Change

Hello dear ones. We’d like to revisit the 555 energies and the changes you are experiencing. Many are releasing from deep within their cellular memories. We have said time and time again that you are ascending and by that we simply mean allowing, releasing and rising in vibration. As you release the anchors of your experiences and your traumatic memories that have defined you, whether in this lifetime or another, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether your own experiences or that of your ancestors who’s stories live in your cellular memory, there is a lot to let go of and and lot that you pinned your self worth and value to that may be very very ancient and might not have ever been your own personal experience. A story is a story. We imagine ourselves in the images we hold and those we cannot let go of take up space for the lighter imaginings of a new version of our personal and collective reality. Are you who you would like to be to your fullest extent? Is the world you live in? The way to change that is to release the density of the old, even without a strong foothold in the new. You must trust and leap into your new selves. You must feel them calling to you and honor them. What are you waiting for? Change is here and it is not waiting for you to decide to join in. It is moving through the planet and you are moving with it. Do you go in trust and in the flow of the change or do you go kicking and screaming? Either way, you go, it is your choice how to best feel the experience. Also know that what awaits on the other side of the gap of what you know now and what is to come, is not something you would ever expect, in fact it is much much better. We can’t wait to see you here! Namaste

Full Moon Eclipse Energies

This full moon eclipse in Capricorn was intense! There is so much new information and light codes pouring in. In the spirit of Capricorn, we are back in school (although we never really left!) How are these energies affecting you? I am tired, but in a good way!

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