Under the Pink Full Moon

Full moon mandala with rose quartz, a very special piece of selenite and a few beach rocks and shells. The energy of this moon is asking us to look at the map of our lives with curiosity and wonder. To know which ever road we take leads back to the same place essentially, through shadows and all, allowing different experiences to enhance the characteristics of that path. The moon in Libra is asking me to balance my crown chakra so that my soul star chakra can root down more fully and my crown can open up more fully. This next phase of our human evolution feels like the first truly universal phase in which we connect the body to the spirit as a matter of course, bridging the gap between our soul and our physical being, so that we can experience a vaster understanding of being alive as an infinite idea. Libra feels actively neutral, always wanting to maintain balance through slight changes of weight and degree, combining with the moon to allow for the fine tuning of our emotional frequency (and the density it may carry), to release what has up to this point left us feeling unbalanced. What is the emotional vibration that feels most balanced to you right now? What can be let go of? All things to consider under this pink moon. 💕


Valley of Fire

I’ve been feeling of lot of synchronicities lately, so many perfectly timed moments. I received this message yesterday but was hesitant to share. I’m still working on my confidence with the messages having to do with scientific predictions! Even writing this I am now feel the alignment and synchronicity of yesterday’s events (visiting the Valley of Fire in Nevada, formed 150 million years ago, and happening upon the one trail that was the Petroglyph Canyon, with red sand and Native American symbols etched in the stone). I kept saying all day it felt like being on Mars. It felt ancient and familiar. Then when I came back, The Martian with Matt Damon was on tv. It looked like they had possibly shot the movie in the Valley of Fire. What I am just now understanding is there is a long thread between early man and that which we do not understand, but the linear timeline is not relevant or more likely collapsed (as in from the ancient sands of earth to humans on mars one moment to the next). We are evolving right now in this moment, which is in essence every moment and all NOW. We don’t know everything. We have barely scratched the surface. What we can learn from our history, whether in lifetimes on earth or other places, is that we carry our history deep in our cellular memory. The library of YOU is vast and internally accessible. Trust what you cannot see but feel to be true. Know that your body is wise and sense-able. It carries just as much knowledge as the mind, with far less judgment. Quiet the chatter of your brain when possible and allow the body to speak to you. See what it has to say. See how you feel by listening. The key to this door is patience, focus and breath. This will open the door to allow the information to pass through to your conscious mind. (Any numbers that popped into the message below were left in for possible deeper unfolding of the message) 😊

Dear one,

Ah there you are! Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything by not “checking in” to get your mail from us. We are always here and the realms you are traversing put us in alignment with you in less verbal channels. You are walking through physical channelings. Your body is receiving messages that your brain may not be fully aware of and this is intentional. For far too long the brain has been the gatekeeper of all information, and the other parts of you had to check in with the border patrol (orator) of your mind before these other channels were allowed to pass through. Even sharing these messages took a wearing down of the gatekeeper of the logical mind, the fear based worry mind. And now here you are, having circumvented the border. Now the body is running the show. Is the mind allowing the body the food it needs? Yes it isZ. Now you want some other types of food. Allow allow allow. More, so much more is happening in your body beyond your mental awareness. Your brain will catch up. The body is not fully in this dimension. “What???” we hear you saying. Firstly you are aware that mitochondria go in and out of the body dimensionally to recharge. Let’s just say they go to the “carribean” to recharge. These major cellular powerhouses need vacations too! Secondly, not all of your chromosomes exist in this plane of reality.:8: did you know that? Well it’s true. The 24th chromosome is multidimensional. When this is more fully active and more are consciously aware of this, much will change of your understanding of the human body. Trust that this will be revealed sooner rather than later. So if you are exhausted, elated, drained and feeling timeless, know that you are actually traversing many dimensions on a cellular level, and this is Draining you physically. It will pass.537.5 trust yourself forever and always. You will never disappoint yourself. We love you all. Namaste

Shine Your Light

The energy of the last few days has been intense. It’s funny when I sense that it will be and I think I’ll be immune to it, and then it rocks me anyway! The last two days brought out old deep sensitivities, which really surprised me. I could feel my body begging to release these things, and needing to fully expose them in order to do that. I saw an image today in meditation of the inside of the body, pink fleshy and soft, covered in diamonds stuck deep within. Almost like a pearls in an oyster. Each of our diamonds have been formed through lifetimes and lifetimes of pain and trauma, through all of our human experiences, our bodies having literally turned carbon in the form of coal (dark, dense earthly) into diamonds (light, strength, brilliance, reflective). Now holding diamonds inside of you can irritate you just as much! They are in there scratching you and you can feel them wanting to be exposed to the light. The diamonds within you are the gifts of your lifetimes of hard experiences, and now they must be brought into the light to allow their brilliance to fully shine. The image I saw in meditation was this pink and red fleshy inside full of diamonds turned inside out, so that they are once exposed to daylight, that brilliant shine will act as a thread to others, linking us together. The light from your diamonds, your gifts, will connect with other people and will allow them to then turn their skin inside out (metaphorically) giving them permission to turn over a new leaf. In effect the light of your treasures, hard won from lifetimes on this planet, will be the glue that connects humanity, one glint at a time. We collectively have a deep fear of exposing our inner light, for all of the times we have been retaliated against, whether in this life or past lives, so the idea of exposing our inner light makes us vulnerable. But diamonds are strong. You are strong, and it is your inner light that is your strength. So don’t be afraid to allow that brilliance to come into the light, in whatever way feels honest to you. There is no force needed. You need not even leave your house or say anything out loud. Your intention to shine your light in the form of your own personal truth is all that is required. It is time. Namaste.

The Light From Stars

Dear one,

We wish a wonderful morning to you all. Do you know what today is? It is the day of the light. We hear you saying, what’s so special about today? Aha. And to this you already know what we would say to you. This is THE day. This is not meant to be a riddle. It meant to encourage you to keep standing in this new energy, even if the changes that are occurring are uncomfortable. Growing pains. This is displacement in the truest sense. Anything that was old, stagnant, dense, not of love will be leaving your world more and more, and this begins with your innermost world first. That which does not resonate to the new external vibration combined with your inner harmonics will quite literally be pushed out of your field. A birth perhaps, though you may not see it that way. Allow this process, as we assure you it is just that, a process and you are deep in the throes of it. There is so much light pouring in now. We cannot emphasize this enough. You are not crazy! Things are always changing; this is birth, this is growth, this is the essence of nature. That which is old will fall away and decay to become the nutrients of new life. What is falling away from you? How is it feeding your growth? Bless it and release it. If it is gone, it has simply transformed shape to a form that will help you grow in a new way, in a new brighter light. We love you with all of our beings. You are beacons of love undergoing a truly revelatory metamorphosis. Hang in there. Namaste

X Marks the Spot

Good morning dear ones, there is so much knowledge we’d like to impart to you at this time. In fact what can feel frustrating is showing you what you already know, when we feel you reaching out for help from us, when we feel you searching searching searching for answers to questions; questions for which your very design as a human is the answer. You are asking us for directions to a place that you’re already in. You ask, how do I get to…and we say again, you are here. Do you see how this is driving you mad? You don’t fully believe you are here! This is it?? Well this doesn’t look like what I thought here would look like! And we say, look again. Where are you looking? Around, outside? Ok, but is that exactly here? That is near here, but here is you, within you. Stop for a moment. Close your eyes. Take three deep long breaths. With each breath allow it to fully fill your body and with exhale allow it to fully leave. Feel that peace. Feel your roots connecting deep into the earth. Feel the energy of the connection to Gaia radiate back up through you. Feel the brightest light surround you and come pouring in through the top of your head. Give permission for all thoughts to cease. Feel that light. Image a cone, like a funnel of light coming from the top of your head, allowing all universal energy to flow down into your body, where it meet with the energy of Gaia and your breath. Feel the peace wash over your entire being. Feel each piece of your body lighten in this energy. Stay here for as long as you like. Breathe in the peaceful feeling, breathe out anything that is not bringing you peace. Now we say, you are here! What can be found within this inner world? What do you notice? What images come to you? There is so much richness and depth here, and a connection to all of the questions you seek to have answered, mostly to remove the very human ego aspect of constantly feeling lost. Who’s to say you were ever lost? Who’s to say you were ever never not here? 😉 we love you with all of our beings. Namaste.

Go Within

Dear ones, the messages have been very clear for you, go within. Find your frequency, fine tune. That is all you need to do right now. Sometimes the hardest part of this work is quelling the outside distractions and obligations to others, to allow yourselves the time alone within. There is a vast universe within your being that holds the keys to everything outside of you. Outside is actually dealt with much easier from inside out first. As far as tuning your frequency to your personal resonant vibration, think of yourself as a piano, and also the tuner. 72 keys, some major some minor, infinite possibilities of creation. If you continue to play the instrument out of tune, it’s ok, but if you were to tweak it just a bit, you could really feel your song resonate through your whole universal self. Now is the time to get your tools and go quietly within and do your tuning work. This does not mean shut yourself off from the world either. It means bringing all of the keys of your life into harmonic convergence, not through force, but through alignment within in. Use your breath, employ meditation and find your peaceful center. See what unfolds from there. With all of our love, the council of nine. Blessings and Peace to you on this day.

*this message led me down a rabbit hole of questions and meditations which I will share once I process all of it. Sometimes, most times, when I pick up the thread of a question it leads me on a scavenger hunt of information. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. Have you experienced that? I’d love to know! 😍

Stand in the Light

Dear ones, come stand close by in the bright light of the new field of energy. Do not be afraid. Let yourselves be bathed in the cool healing light. Now we ask you, are you present? Where is your mind? Where is your heart? Can you center into yourself and feel it beating. You are alive! Hooray! Now knowing that, what do you want to do today? That is all of it! That is the great universal secret 😉 Your heart is beating, you are alive as a human in a human body on planet earth. Every thought, word, deed is a creation of your own making (or a reaction to a previous creation which begets a new creation and reaction and so on and so on) and maybe sometimes you get caught in that spiral of creation/reaction (same letters, same words) and you cannot see your way out. Maybe you’d like a brand new creation! It begins with this. Is your heart beating? Are you alive? One thought, one feeling, one action, a new creation is born. You can reset at any time. And don’t discount all of your past creations too harshly. They made you who you are and brought you to this moment. They brought you here now, where you are choosing to be with these words and with yourself. You are beautiful, loved and supported, always and forever. We are with you. Always and forever in this infinite cycle of creation and love. Namaste.

Taking Stock

New painting, work in progress. There is an image in my mind of color and another of form, and I don’t know yet how they will come together in this painting, or if they will or when they will, but I feel like they will. The energy right now feels like this. All of the elements are there. We have everything we need to create what we wish, but we are staring at a table of ingredients and don’t know where to start! The March energy is saying go go go! But there is another stream asking for patience, because although we could forge ahead with what we have, there is a piece we don’t know we need, a piece of magic, that is on its way. And very soon. There is no wrong way to create your life, but if you feel an inclination to hold off and gather a little more information/time/space, then trust that intuitive sense and know that what you are feeling is exactly where you should be. In this new space, the dark matter of creation and all that is new, I have discovered a new way of channeling where I ask stream of consciousness questions to whoever (higher self, angels, God), whoever comes through as if it were an interview. This has been a really helpful tool for me to get through some anxieties that pop up from time to time, and help me reconnect to a loving space within myself. I am posting this latest “interview” channel on my site if you’d like to read it. Link in bio. Thank you so much for allowing me to share these messages with you. Your support makes me braver every day.

Hello, we are so happy to have you connect with us. You can always go within and we are also always here.

Me- angels please help me feel a lighter vibration. I feel sadness. I feel anxious. It’s on me, but not in me, if that makes sense.

You are standing on the edge of the beach and the waves are washing in. They have a good rhythm, you are mesmerized, it’s a meditation. Suddenly a wave comes in faster and bigger and gets you all wet, maybe knocks you down. You were not expecting this. You knew the wave! You feel taken aback.

D- yes! This is how I feel. Today feels like a wave like that. I’m trying to feel the rhythm of my vibration and that of the vibrations around me and surf them. Today the waves feel unreadable, unsurfable.

Ah yes so best to be patient and wait for a new day. What is your source of stress.

D- ah again going through money too fast, not having control where I though I did, feeling this situation will not change, feeling frustration with the situation itself and wanting to be free of it and fearing I may never be. Feeling inadequate in the world like I’m not good at anything. Feeling down.

Big waves, full of anxiety. You know what dear one, that wave has everyone’s fears in it, and they are all tied to this source. You are watching the source fear of all of humanity roll in. You are all so connected and yet so very alone with your problems. Over many years there has been a great effort to divide up humanity from each other and make them feel small and alone. This wave is creating for the last time out of your cellular memory. Let it break. You know that beautiful moon of yours is pulling this out of all of you. Pulling pulling pulling. Like having a tooth pulled! Not fun. It rises up from deeeep inside. Whew let it go. You are ok! You are all ok! And so loved. When you feel this way can you find the source of love?

D- I can. Thank you so much. Sometimes I just can’t help feeling like this.

Dear one, you and everyone else, but you come back within and you reset and you ask for help and we tell you we are here and we always have been and we always will be, and you are so supported. A direct line.

Diane this is what you know as God. I wanted to chime in here too to send you a wave as well, a wave of love. Thank you for taking a moment to breathe that in and feel it. I know how difficult this has been for humanity, as I feel everything you feel. I see beyond but I am also feeling it within. There is so much pain clearing away. This is new beginning. This is a birth. You are birthing this energy and this is not easy. I feel this. Thank you for allowing me to feel this through you. Ah the bravery to be human, and the beautiful light. Such golden wounded children. But not for much longer. Soon just gold. Keep breathing. Keep breathing. The infinite source of all source love is within you within the infinite moment of your infinite existence. Even if you only feel it for one second, even if that only happens every so often, even if you never feel it, it is there for you because you are never alone despite all appearances to the contrary, even if there is no proof there is trust that I am with you. Look for me in the everyday miracles of love and know that I am always with you. I love you so very much dear child, dear creator, dear God that you are inside.

D- thank you for that. I am moved. I feel that love. I feel all of that sadness and I feel that love. I love you.

We love you. Please sit with us in meditation now while we bathe you in light and love. Namaste.

The Rise of Your Light

Dear one,

Ahh there you are. Always with us, and we, always with you. We are on the eve of the cusp of the next great tidal wave of energetic resonance of the earth plane. It is undeniable. It is palpable and it is time. The time has come for you to step fully into your power suits of light. Button up those laces and bring everything you have been working on, both consciously, unconsciously and with the larger self/soul together into one place. You may think you do not know how to do this, or to do this “correctly”. There is no correctly as there is no one way! Each of you has individual gifts that will in turn lead you to a synthesis of this information through your own wonderful vision. This is your master thesis! For some who have been working on this for a long long time (soul years- eons) your doctoral dissertation and beyond. You are in a realm of learning and wisdom that goes beyond these very words and can only be truly understood intuitively on an energetic plane, and this is your gift within the realm of all that is. At this time, as others come out of the sleepy fog of power dynamics and lower earth frequencies, allow your diamond light to shine as fully as they can. Do not mask your power and your beauty. You are so very beautiful and from where we sit we see so many of your twinkling lights. Know that as your brightness continues to grow, it will illuminate so much more than you can even see now, and you will be doing this collectively to help each other light each other’s paths. You are not alone. You have never been alone! But you will really start to feel and understand exactly how much you are and have always been connected to each other, to Gaia, and to source which are all one in the same. We love you beyond measure. Namaste.

Fine Tuning Your Frequency

Dear one, we bid you a good afternoon. We’d like to talk about vibrations. What vibration would you like to be sitting in? Close your eyes for a moment and feel what that vibration feels like. Do you feel it in your heart? Do you feel it resonate all throughout your being? Takes few deep breaths here. Allow this feeling to wash over you. Wonderful. When you are ready come back to these words. That may have been a few moments, a few seconds or many minutes! We hope you enjoyed that visit into yourself and into the vibration of your being. While you were there did you notice any thoughts that came in to lower your vibration? What were they? And did you notice any thoughts come in to raise your vibration even further? What were they? Now we know the thoughts that brought you down were and are most likely the stresses of your day to day world and perhaps the world at large. There is a chasm between the constructed world of man as a whole and that of the comfortable light frequency of your soul. You are tuning a radio. What you do to tune into your favorite station that matches your vibration is up to you. If death metal is not your favorite music and you’d rather be listening to something else, and yet you are tuned to the metal station, you will feel discordant.697 The only thing there is to “work on” at the moment is fine tuning your own frequency because when you do this you are broadcasting that frequency far and wide, and you will feel the return vibrations. Much like a two way radio. Do you see? Every moment is a chance for recalibration to your favorite vibration. Simply close your eyes and breathe and feel the wave of light. Take a walk outside in nature and notice the frequency of nature. We love you so much and are always here when called upon to assist you in this work, though please remember as much as you think of us as your guides we are walking side by side with you as partners. You are leading the show! Namaste.