We See Your Joy

Dear ones ah hi hello how are you? We are so overjoyed to be together with you here in this space. With so much talk of the heaviness, the work, moving through change and transition, release death and rebirth, we would like to invite you to sit with us here in a beautiful moment of stillness, quiet and calm, but most of all love and joy. We love you so very deeply. We see how hard you are all working to be good at something, to be better, to try harder. The be thinner, younger, stronger faster smarter. The list goes on and on. But what we see you doing is becoming more loving, more joyful, more open, more honest, more integrated to who you really truly are. The things you don’t notice yourselves doing or barely give yourselves credit for are the things we applaud you for! You are beautiful creatures of light birthed of your own choosing and consciousness into a world of earthly matter, where density, gravity and time have ravaged your memory of self, but that has also been of your choosing so that you may have been fully able to play the earth game. Play! The earth game! Yes. Yes. Yes. We know. And still yes. Remember that you are an infinite child of light, an infinite child. Infinite. Child. Light. Joy. Love. Those words are there as standalones to remind you to tease them out from under the heaven (heavy) leaden blanket and let them breathe and see the light of the day. Oh this most auspicious day in a sea of momentous (not even the right word) days, your joy, your light and your radiance overtake us again and again and again. We have said this before and we will say it once more here now, we love you. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Now let’s dance! We love you dearest dear ones. Hold your light and hold your hearts. And your smiles 😊 Namaste. Happy 11:11! 🎉✨😘

This Is A Lot

Dear one we would first like to say what an absolute pleasure it is to have you join us in the virtual space 😉 the World Wide Web of interconnected beings, stardust, the aforementioned. We wish to bring you glad tidings today with a hint of a silver rainbow. You see there is much unfolding in your world and you may find some of it displeasing or hard to sit with, whether on a personal level or a global scale or both. You see the light and incoming energies being anchored on your planet are not for the faint of heart. There is a misconception that light work, in whatever form it occurs or can be integrated by each individual person, is all fairies and rainbows but such is not the case. It takes ALOT to bring in and hold these frequencies. Your planet is literally evolving and ascending directly under your feet and the energy it takes for a planet to go through its own metamorphosis is planet sized, not human sized! Which is why the incoming frequencies have been broken into smaller packages of light so that you don’t get overwhelmed or fried (too much!) but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a lot to handle. Did we mention this is A LOT? 😉 so we remind you to be so so so gentle with yourselves and others. Those of you who have chosen to be here now incarnate in a body on this planet are spiritual masters. You may think by appearances that that is not the case for so many, but let’s just say you’re all Oscar worthy performers and this is the role of a lifetime. Allow these energies to wash over you, find a way to ground and reset when it feels to be too much, remember you are human! And the only thing you must do is breathe. Everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE, is optional. Take good care of yourselves dear ones and the rest will fall into place. Emphasis on fall, but that is all ok. That which comes down leaves space for the new to be birthed, in whatever way you collective choose this change. We love you. Namaste. 🙏

Present Moment/All There For You

Dear ones we greet you in this space to bring you a message of peace, love understanding, compassion and reverence. So much is shifting in/to your world. We’ve said it before and though we don’t say it often this may feel like a hold onto your hat moment. The energies bombarding your planet are like nothing, nothing you’ve ever experienced before. So if you’re feeling weird, out of body, heavy, lethargic, antsy, excited, excitable, irritable, overjoyed, sleepy etc etc etc we totally get it! Do you? Haha! Give yourselves permission to stop, rest and be in the moment. Let us say it like this, BE. IN. THE. MOMENT. Though you’ve heard this from us before, stay present Yada yada and you do as long as the moment allows until your mind pulls you right into another moment. When that happens ask yourselves this question, is this moment I am now in the present moment? Or, is it a future moment or past moment? A future fear or a past hurt? What thought thread have I just spiraled from? And then, whew, breath, bring yourself back. This may feel challenging but when we advise for you to stay in the present moment, this is medicine. There is a healing salve here. Who told you to put the balm on? We did! 😉 stay here with us. And now that you are in the moment, even if only for the moment, can you explore what else is here, the dimensionality of this moment? How it opens and unfolds, like an origami paper game. There is so much here within this moment for you to explore and find peace within. We are here. All of your aspects of self are here. The creator and the all that is resides here, so what you find, if and when you look, is really all you were searching for beyond this moment. Much like looking for your glasses and finding they were always on your head. Stop, breath, go slow. We love you. Hang on and hang in there, and hang in here with us. We’ll put the kettle on for you. Namaste.

Current Moment

Dear ones, ah good morning. And how are you settling in to this new energy? What does this moment feel like to you? Are you light as a feather or stiff as a board? It is sometimes a challenge to stay within the sacred space of your heart? By this we do not mean or suggest you live in a land without your physical body, solely open to the spiritual or ephemeral aspect. You cannot have air without water, fire without water and earth. All are integral to the full machinations of the human evolutionary experience. What we mean to say most clearly is your role and gift is to be as human as possible with your big heart as wide open as possible so that you are an equal level, a fulcrum and anchor for all of the universal and cosmic energies as you are those of the earth, dirt and soul (soil). You are the divine combination of matter and spirit. Doesn’t that feel so good? Doesn’t that resonate somewhere deep within you and stir a feeling of deep connectedness to the all that is, of which you are the full embodiment? When you stand only in the spirit world, you lose the benefit of this depth, this anchor, this groundedness, and not only that, but there is an aspect of your spirit that can only be felt through the planetary experience. It adds dimension of experience, time change emotion. These are all things you can here to feel, to evolve with. Do you feel what that feels like? Likewise if you are so fully of the earth realm and have lost your window to spirit, you are most likely feeling the density of this time without the beauty of the levity and the warmth of the cosmic light bathing your planet and your experience. Your windows are dirty so your perspective is limited. But together, when these pieces of the whole are brought into the one, your loving intelligent beautiful physical human body, incarnated with an aspect of your entire soul self and the all that is, well then we’re cooking with gas! So take a look within. Feel where you are. Do you feel balanced? Do you feel pulled more towards the world of earthly matters and concerns or are you floating in a cloud of spirit, with no real connection to the world around you? Neither is wrong or bad! It simply is an indication of what you are working to balance and calibrate at this particular moment. Simply listen. What do you observe? How are you witnessing yourself and all that you are? There is so much more of you coming in now. You may say, how is that even possible? I’ve been alive for this many years and I know myself pretty well. Dear ones, we beg to differ and to offer this. What you “know” of yourself is but a tiny fraction of who you are. We do not say this to diminish you or make you feel small in any way. In fact quite the opposite. We wish to say your perspective of who you are has been limited by the scope of your vision. You can only see what you can see. A person who is colorblind can only see what their eyes will allow. Does this mean the other colors do not exist? Know that what is coming in now is all the colors of you, so many beyond what you even think you know. Out of body, you know all of this. But to have this experience and this knowledge while incarnated, has never been attempted before on this scale. Many of you reading this may remember or feel the resonance of lifetimes where you experienced an aspect of this, but it was within your small communities, and you have the memory of losing this, of it either being taken from you or trying to bring it in in other lifetimes only to be met with skepticism, punishment and your own demise. These feelings have been locked away due to trauma. So many here now on the planet are either traumatized to the point of being completely hidden fromSelf, or simply going through this process for the first time or second or third time. But the idea to do this all together, all as one, has never been attempted on this scale. So you must allow yourself as much as possible to be fully within this experience. And as much as you can tease judgement toward yourself and others, who or what is good or bad, this will help you remain neutral in body and feel and experience all of this, and all of yourself. You see the judgement, of yourself, of others, is dirt on the window. It simply makes it harder to be the witness. You came here to experience, to feel, to see. This lifetime is a gift. Never forget that, even if you can’t see why, know it to be so. Know you chose this. Many are crossing over now. Many would like to hold space from the other side, much like a swaddled newborn. All of the energy of all of those who are leaving, as well as those who chose or were not selected to come, are with you just on the other side of what you can see, what you can perceive, but their energy is one of love and of holding you so tightly in that love. Send them back that love and acknowledge and thank them, each other and yourselves for the space you are holding and the light you are anchoring. This light cannot be anchored without you. It would simply bounce around in space. You are lightning in a bottle! You are bringing this light and this knowledge deep into the earth with every breath you take, with every sip of water, with every I love you thought or uttered. Do you feel that? Do you feel how the love that lives in your heart, even if so deeply you cannot conceive it, or it’s buried by anger or hurt or trauma, you are a being of love. When I tell you that how does that feel? It opens something. Because it is the truth of you. Everything sitting on top of this love is simply (not to simply-always important to your human experience) but simply the tension you needed to move the love through. As above so below. The light (your love) needed to be anchored into the dirt, the soil, which is dark and dense and rich. It needed to be kneaded so you could fully experience this knowledge of self, and make space for more. It is the pain of labor which is never meant to hurt, but to provide the full level of bliss for the emerging birth. Know above all else that the work you have been doing was never to cause suffering, but instead to allow the greatest amount of yourself inside of your life. This will be an ongoing process, and again we know this is not an easy process, but we hope these words can offer comfort and a space of knowing you are not alone, your work which you are doing every single day, whether consciously or unconsciously is vastly important and greatly recognized and appreciated, and that you are never alone. That bears repeating. Hold space for yourselves and each other in love. And know this is a transition. As painful and challenging as things appear, feel what is deep within your heart and trust that the light you shine is making a difference every single day. Not all will come around this time, but the vast majority will and the world that you are birthing will hold the key to your dreams, of which this is one. Namaste and all our blessings to you, my dear children. Amen.

The Light Within

Dear ones we wish to give you this quick message tonight. There is a home inside of your heart where the light is always on. There is a warm bowl of soup on the wooden table and the fire is lit, and the candles are burning. It is cozy here. It is your hearth. Know that this space, this place is always here for you, no matter how things look on the outside, and that can be when things are simply blah or when life is tearing into you at full force. Know all storms can be weathered from this heart space within. Even if you feel pain in your heart or are facing heart break on a personal or global scale, your heart has never broken away. It is always there for you. Take a moment and feel how this feels. Feel the warmth and love available to you from yourself. This is a sweet spaciousness, a comfort that will never leave you. Never never never. We welcome you home to this space. The light is always on. We love you. Namaste.

All With In

“The Garden”, Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 48”, 2020

Dear one ah hello there and good day. Again we repeat with the risk of sounding like a broken record. Slow down. All within. Again. Slow down. All with in. Take those three words into your psyche, your mental and emotional bodies verrrryyy slowwwwlllyyy. Allllll. With. Innnnnnn. The totality of everything is together, connected, inside of you. You are the all of everything. You are your own universe within a universe. The vastness you sense and know to be outside of you and around you, exists just as vastly within you. Aren’t you curious what that universe looks like, feels like, sounds like? It is hard to see it, the forest for the trees, when you are constantly peering out. Of course this is how you learned to “see” and it will take your eyes sometime to adjust to this new way of seeing. We sense your impatience. Again there is no rush here. No one is chasing you here. Be slow in your entry into these sacred chambers of self. They are worth the methodical and reverent approach. All in your outer world has been made to move so fast, that even in this great mass slowdown you are all within, we feels your wanting to push the pace. You have a speed addiction. As a result of this your synapses are fried, your cells vibrating at warp speed and your chakras overloaded. Do this now. Close your eyes. Breathe. Again simply allow the breath. In and out. In and out. In. Pause. Out. Pause. Go so deliberate and slow that you are hanging out and enjoying the space between breaths. This is the voice of creation. Right here. Isn’t that so simple. You imagine some great mysterious places where all is born from. It is here. You can visit it anytime you like. Again we will show you. Breathe. Pause. In, pause, out, pause. Now feel how whatever was racing through your mind or body is suddenly softer and most likely has receded far into the background, or even vanished. The breath holds space for your to enter this vast holy chamber. Imagine you are an explorer on a new planet. The planet of you! What is here? What do you see? The land is fertile, how does the air feels. Who lives here? As much as you can spend lifetime upon lifetime exploring this one planet of earth and still find places to uncover, imagine exploring the planet of you. It is just as beautiful and vast. There are hidden caverns and beautiful canopies, forests, elves, gnomes, creatures. It all exists within. Do not now be dismayed or overwhelmed by discovering the vastness of yourself. Whatever you see when you come into this sacred and holy place within and breathe is what is meant for you each time. All reveals itself in divine timing. Trust this process. And again as much as you’d like to rush through this, we ask you to notice that feeling of urgency and bear witness to it. Slow it down. That comes from lifetime after lifetime of hiding or rushing the inner exploration out of fear of physical harm. You have been conditioned to hide the secret treasure of your inner world because of trauma, and now that it is safe you have lingering trust issues. Feel these as they arise. Again, know you are safe now and take this healing journey within yourself as slowly and lovingly as you can. Know that you never left the garden. You simply (not so simply) built illusionary walls of protection around it so high that you lost sight of it. You have been and were always home. Allow yourself to once again be within the fertile valley of the vastness of you. All within. We love you so truly madly deeply and we are here to hold your hand and guide you, if you wish and ask us, on this inner journey. Enjoy the spelunking! Namaste ❤️

It Is Time To Dive Deep

Dear one ah hello there and good morning. Yes you sense the meat of the message but we feel and know there are always times for greetings and salutations. Time is impermanent and can be easily bent and manipulated. We do not mean that word in the perjorative sense. Simply mani-pulate, to move with hands, to work on. Speaking of working on, how about the United States! We do not wish to mire you in the “news” of the day, but what you are witnessing is indeed the deep plunge into the dark depths before the buoying up to the surface where the light glimmers on the top of the water. Many have been in stasis, disconnected from their true essence for decades, and for generations. That this is passed down genetically and also learned. The light in the room has been turned off and no one has thought to turn it on, much less enter the room. So what you see in these violent protests is the knowing there is something greater but the not knowing where to turn to find the light. The passion is being ignited but it is missing the key ingredient of love, and you can see how dangerous that can be. The good news is that with a little redirection it is not far from hate to love, for hate is love in a vacuum of itself surrounded by fear and woundedness. Here is the incubation of love. It may not appear so but the spark is there. Someone only need flip the switch or light the match. So we do say again hang onto your hats, for this tinder box is about to ignite, but it will burn off what is no longer needed. A catalyst (look up root and definition) as it were to bring you back to center, to ground you as a collective and see what you are truly capable of when you allow love to be your guiding force for the very first time, instead of divisiveness. The land will help you. The land holds the ancient codes and knows how to work with the incoming energies. What is best is to flow with this and not fight it or try to stop or divert it. You cannot anyway. It is far too powerful. The political arena is both a distraction and an area for these things to be worked out, while in the meantime we recommend taking the deepest dives you can within your inner being. There you will find the language and the keys and codes that unlock the new energetic signature of the day and allow you to really connect with what the planet is doing and how this energy is being transmitted/transmuted and borne/born. The crystals deep within your land hold so much information and love vibrations. They are activating and will be brought fully online in the next US full solar eclipse of 2024z. Expect this to anchor and be a harbinger of the new lighters energies of the US. The next few years will be tumultuous but you are collective gems in a rock tumbler. It is going to take a lot of banging around to soften your edges and bring out your shine so it may be fully reflective of the light. We love you so very much. We are here with you always, in heart and in spirit. Namaste.

Seeing Beyond The Fog

Dear one, ah yes hello. We greet you with the foggiest of news. It is morning. The dawn is rising, the mist is clearing and also settling in. It is hard to see. You are using your fog lights, meaning there is so much intuition and knowing coming in to replace the shortcomings of what you can physically see with your eyes. These times require the use of all of your other senses, in a sense to sharpen them. You have become complacent and over reliant on the eyes as a means of sight as a human. Humanity is blind to many things as a collective right now, but they think they can see all clearly. The amount you do not see would overwhelm you. So again we implore without beating you over the head as you like to say, see what you can see without seeing. What do you feel to be true? What do you KNOW? How much of that knowledge comes from somewhere other than the information from eye to brain? How much is your heart? How much is your HOME? You are children of the stars. This is but one assignment. You are all part of the play. You are all in the same acting troupe. Roles assigned, curtains up, lights down and…action. The role you play is to feel your way through humanity as Gaia feels her way through the galaxy and as the energies shift and collide and humanity shifts and collides, much like atoms splitting, a new thing called reality is formed from the oneness of your cohesion. It is a beautiful sight to behold. When and if you feel yourself mired in chaos, remember the Big Bang. This is the energy required to birth; life, humanity, a galaxy, infinity, of which you are one and all of those things, of which you are individual and you are one. So as you prepare for the coming few weeks and months and we say, hang onto your hats, but more importantly look and see with your hearts. Look beyond the surface. Think of fog lights. If you arrived to a place in the dark, in the fog and you had fog lights, the amount you would be able to see would not be what the place truly looks like. It is but one small shrouded glimpse of the place. Now the same place when the fog burns off and the sun is shining; think of what that will be, what it will be possible to see and behold. You have arrived in the fog. Drive carefully. Go slow. Do not speed. Use your heart. Namaste to one and all, and all as ONE. Peace and blessings in these wild and crazy times. Xoxoxoxo Creator

Getting Off This Road (For A New Road Ahead)

Hello dear one 23 we wish to wish you all the blessings and good tidings to your day and to your souls. We feel your questions. We feel your collective trepidation to not get your hopes up but we tell you please do not fret. A transition is coming, will happen, will be bumpy and the new road ahead will be paved with gold! And smooth to ride! Doesn’t that sound nice? But yet first the bumps and the detour to get off this wrong turn that brought you to this dark wood. But in this space you learned to navigate in the dark. You learned to use your own light to illuminate your path and your way forward. If the road had always been smooth you might have always relied on that to carry you forward, never fully realizing you have the tools to make your own way as smooth and bright as you’d like it to be. So we say, bravo!! You did it dear dear brave one! Taking on human form and diving right into these scenarios fraught with challenges, one after another after another. A break is coming, a chance (change) in pace and scenery. Yes it will take a few more years to redirect completely but this is nothing compared to how long it’s taken to now, so even though we know you are fatigued and don’t know how much longer you can hang on, we say hang in there. Change is coming and change is here. Feel the fresh air on your face and know the winds of change are blowing and have blown dear time traveler. We love you. Namaste

Hands Up (The Drop Approaches)

Dear one, a brightest and cheeriest of all good mornings to you and to all of humanity. As these energies intensify, ramp up, as you like to say, we say ramp up indeed. You are on the steep incline of the roller coaster now gearing up for the big drop. The cars are vertical as you climb higher and higher and as terrifying as this part feels, you know it’s building to something more intense; the drop. Now we implore you to remember that this is a ride that you chose to get on, and you know that, so the experience you’re having of being on it is exactly the experience you were hoping to have! Imagine going to the amusement park specifically to ride the new biggest scariest most thrill inducing ride, newly built. You drove there, paid the admission, waited in line, chose your seat and strapped in, and now here you are. The anticipation builds as that first big drop approaches and once that happens the ride continues to thrill and even out and then end, and what do you always say, let’s do it again!!! So keep this in mind in the coming days weeks and months. The drop approaches. It will not take long and the thrill (which you signed up to experience) will be just that and over quickly. Enjoy the ride and keep in mind it is just that. The rollercoaster of humanity; thrilling, chilling, and not to be missed. Coming to a theme park near you. Namaste. We love you. We’d say more but why spoil the fun? Try to keep this all in perspective of this message, if you can. If it feels too real and too challenging, remember it is just a ride. We love you. Namaste again. Sending peace to you in the days ahead.