The Light Within

Dear ones we wish to give you this quick message tonight. There is a home inside of your heart where the light is always on. There is a warm bowl of soup on the wooden table and the fire is lit, and the candles are burning. It is cozy here. It is your hearth. Know that this space, this place is always here for you, no matter how things look on the outside, and that can be when things are simply blah or when life is tearing into you at full force. Know all storms can be weathered from this heart space within. Even if you feel pain in your heart or are facing heart break on a personal or global scale, your heart has never broken away. It is always there for you. Take a moment and feel how this feels. Feel the warmth and love available to you from yourself. This is a sweet spaciousness, a comfort that will never leave you. Never never never. We welcome you home to this space. The light is always on. We love you. Namaste.

All With In

“The Garden”, Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 48”, 2020

Dear one ah hello there and good day. Again we repeat with the risk of sounding like a broken record. Slow down. All within. Again. Slow down. All with in. Take those three words into your psyche, your mental and emotional bodies verrrryyy slowwwwlllyyy. Allllll. With. Innnnnnn. The totality of everything is together, connected, inside of you. You are the all of everything. You are your own universe within a universe. The vastness you sense and know to be outside of you and around you, exists just as vastly within you. Aren’t you curious what that universe looks like, feels like, sounds like? It is hard to see it, the forest for the trees, when you are constantly peering out. Of course this is how you learned to “see” and it will take your eyes sometime to adjust to this new way of seeing. We sense your impatience. Again there is no rush here. No one is chasing you here. Be slow in your entry into these sacred chambers of self. They are worth the methodical and reverent approach. All in your outer world has been made to move so fast, that even in this great mass slowdown you are all within, we feels your wanting to push the pace. You have a speed addiction. As a result of this your synapses are fried, your cells vibrating at warp speed and your chakras overloaded. Do this now. Close your eyes. Breathe. Again simply allow the breath. In and out. In and out. In. Pause. Out. Pause. Go so deliberate and slow that you are hanging out and enjoying the space between breaths. This is the voice of creation. Right here. Isn’t that so simple. You imagine some great mysterious places where all is born from. It is here. You can visit it anytime you like. Again we will show you. Breathe. Pause. In, pause, out, pause. Now feel how whatever was racing through your mind or body is suddenly softer and most likely has receded far into the background, or even vanished. The breath holds space for your to enter this vast holy chamber. Imagine you are an explorer on a new planet. The planet of you! What is here? What do you see? The land is fertile, how does the air feels. Who lives here? As much as you can spend lifetime upon lifetime exploring this one planet of earth and still find places to uncover, imagine exploring the planet of you. It is just as beautiful and vast. There are hidden caverns and beautiful canopies, forests, elves, gnomes, creatures. It all exists within. Do not now be dismayed or overwhelmed by discovering the vastness of yourself. Whatever you see when you come into this sacred and holy place within and breathe is what is meant for you each time. All reveals itself in divine timing. Trust this process. And again as much as you’d like to rush through this, we ask you to notice that feeling of urgency and bear witness to it. Slow it down. That comes from lifetime after lifetime of hiding or rushing the inner exploration out of fear of physical harm. You have been conditioned to hide the secret treasure of your inner world because of trauma, and now that it is safe you have lingering trust issues. Feel these as they arise. Again, know you are safe now and take this healing journey within yourself as slowly and lovingly as you can. Know that you never left the garden. You simply (not so simply) built illusionary walls of protection around it so high that you lost sight of it. You have been and were always home. Allow yourself to once again be within the fertile valley of the vastness of you. All within. We love you so truly madly deeply and we are here to hold your hand and guide you, if you wish and ask us, on this inner journey. Enjoy the spelunking! Namaste ❤️

It Is Time To Dive Deep

Dear one ah hello there and good morning. Yes you sense the meat of the message but we feel and know there are always times for greetings and salutations. Time is impermanent and can be easily bent and manipulated. We do not mean that word in the perjorative sense. Simply mani-pulate, to move with hands, to work on. Speaking of working on, how about the United States! We do not wish to mire you in the “news” of the day, but what you are witnessing is indeed the deep plunge into the dark depths before the buoying up to the surface where the light glimmers on the top of the water. Many have been in stasis, disconnected from their true essence for decades, and for generations. That this is passed down genetically and also learned. The light in the room has been turned off and no one has thought to turn it on, much less enter the room. So what you see in these violent protests is the knowing there is something greater but the not knowing where to turn to find the light. The passion is being ignited but it is missing the key ingredient of love, and you can see how dangerous that can be. The good news is that with a little redirection it is not far from hate to love, for hate is love in a vacuum of itself surrounded by fear and woundedness. Here is the incubation of love. It may not appear so but the spark is there. Someone only need flip the switch or light the match. So we do say again hang onto your hats, for this tinder box is about to ignite, but it will burn off what is no longer needed. A catalyst (look up root and definition) as it were to bring you back to center, to ground you as a collective and see what you are truly capable of when you allow love to be your guiding force for the very first time, instead of divisiveness. The land will help you. The land holds the ancient codes and knows how to work with the incoming energies. What is best is to flow with this and not fight it or try to stop or divert it. You cannot anyway. It is far too powerful. The political arena is both a distraction and an area for these things to be worked out, while in the meantime we recommend taking the deepest dives you can within your inner being. There you will find the language and the keys and codes that unlock the new energetic signature of the day and allow you to really connect with what the planet is doing and how this energy is being transmitted/transmuted and borne/born. The crystals deep within your land hold so much information and love vibrations. They are activating and will be brought fully online in the next US full solar eclipse of 2024z. Expect this to anchor and be a harbinger of the new lighters energies of the US. The next few years will be tumultuous but you are collective gems in a rock tumbler. It is going to take a lot of banging around to soften your edges and bring out your shine so it may be fully reflective of the light. We love you so very much. We are here with you always, in heart and in spirit. Namaste.

Seeing Beyond The Fog

Dear one, ah yes hello. We greet you with the foggiest of news. It is morning. The dawn is rising, the mist is clearing and also settling in. It is hard to see. You are using your fog lights, meaning there is so much intuition and knowing coming in to replace the shortcomings of what you can physically see with your eyes. These times require the use of all of your other senses, in a sense to sharpen them. You have become complacent and over reliant on the eyes as a means of sight as a human. Humanity is blind to many things as a collective right now, but they think they can see all clearly. The amount you do not see would overwhelm you. So again we implore without beating you over the head as you like to say, see what you can see without seeing. What do you feel to be true? What do you KNOW? How much of that knowledge comes from somewhere other than the information from eye to brain? How much is your heart? How much is your HOME? You are children of the stars. This is but one assignment. You are all part of the play. You are all in the same acting troupe. Roles assigned, curtains up, lights down and…action. The role you play is to feel your way through humanity as Gaia feels her way through the galaxy and as the energies shift and collide and humanity shifts and collides, much like atoms splitting, a new thing called reality is formed from the oneness of your cohesion. It is a beautiful sight to behold. When and if you feel yourself mired in chaos, remember the Big Bang. This is the energy required to birth; life, humanity, a galaxy, infinity, of which you are one and all of those things, of which you are individual and you are one. So as you prepare for the coming few weeks and months and we say, hang onto your hats, but more importantly look and see with your hearts. Look beyond the surface. Think of fog lights. If you arrived to a place in the dark, in the fog and you had fog lights, the amount you would be able to see would not be what the place truly looks like. It is but one small shrouded glimpse of the place. Now the same place when the fog burns off and the sun is shining; think of what that will be, what it will be possible to see and behold. You have arrived in the fog. Drive carefully. Go slow. Do not speed. Use your heart. Namaste to one and all, and all as ONE. Peace and blessings in these wild and crazy times. Xoxoxoxo Creator

Getting Off This Road (For A New Road Ahead)

Hello dear one 23 we wish to wish you all the blessings and good tidings to your day and to your souls. We feel your questions. We feel your collective trepidation to not get your hopes up but we tell you please do not fret. A transition is coming, will happen, will be bumpy and the new road ahead will be paved with gold! And smooth to ride! Doesn’t that sound nice? But yet first the bumps and the detour to get off this wrong turn that brought you to this dark wood. But in this space you learned to navigate in the dark. You learned to use your own light to illuminate your path and your way forward. If the road had always been smooth you might have always relied on that to carry you forward, never fully realizing you have the tools to make your own way as smooth and bright as you’d like it to be. So we say, bravo!! You did it dear dear brave one! Taking on human form and diving right into these scenarios fraught with challenges, one after another after another. A break is coming, a chance (change) in pace and scenery. Yes it will take a few more years to redirect completely but this is nothing compared to how long it’s taken to now, so even though we know you are fatigued and don’t know how much longer you can hang on, we say hang in there. Change is coming and change is here. Feel the fresh air on your face and know the winds of change are blowing and have blown dear time traveler. We love you. Namaste

Hands Up (The Drop Approaches)

Dear one, a brightest and cheeriest of all good mornings to you and to all of humanity. As these energies intensify, ramp up, as you like to say, we say ramp up indeed. You are on the steep incline of the roller coaster now gearing up for the big drop. The cars are vertical as you climb higher and higher and as terrifying as this part feels, you know it’s building to something more intense; the drop. Now we implore you to remember that this is a ride that you chose to get on, and you know that, so the experience you’re having of being on it is exactly the experience you were hoping to have! Imagine going to the amusement park specifically to ride the new biggest scariest most thrill inducing ride, newly built. You drove there, paid the admission, waited in line, chose your seat and strapped in, and now here you are. The anticipation builds as that first big drop approaches and once that happens the ride continues to thrill and even out and then end, and what do you always say, let’s do it again!!! So keep this in mind in the coming days weeks and months. The drop approaches. It will not take long and the thrill (which you signed up to experience) will be just that and over quickly. Enjoy the ride and keep in mind it is just that. The rollercoaster of humanity; thrilling, chilling, and not to be missed. Coming to a theme park near you. Namaste. We love you. We’d say more but why spoil the fun? Try to keep this all in perspective of this message, if you can. If it feels too real and too challenging, remember it is just a ride. We love you. Namaste again. Sending peace to you in the days ahead.

Dedicated to the Space Within

Dear one ah hello! We wish to speak to you now of an important topic of concern. Your own inner peace, wellbeing, and happiness. It does not hinge on outside events. What elates you one day can easily turn to become the source of frustration another. The key is in the balance (lamaze). You must always be the fulcrum of the seesaw, and this is where true happiness lies. In knowing all is well all of the time, because you are centered and grounded at all times, as an infinite being of light. Even when emotional storms rage and chaos seems to fly at you from every direction, even when you thought you’d moved past this (whatever this happens to be at the moment) and you become frustrated with some idea of a lack of progress in your life or your personal development (as such is not possible because all moments are divinely timed to bring you to whatever point of change or learning you have asked to be at, whether you are consciously aware or not is besides the point!) so we say, know they as the fulcrum you are the stalwart mountain of your own inner being, holding space for yourself in every single moment, and trusting that the conscious mind may not be able to see that, but that you can know it is always true, and the knowing is the anchor of your grounding into your own experience. Much like a ship’s captain navigating the high seas, you must steer your boat and trust your vessel even if the water are choppy, and even when they are clear. The water is carrying the boat but you are the directive of the boat. This is all in tandem. So fear not dear one, whether your seas be choppy or calm in this moment, in upcoming moments and for all time. How are YOU? Are you holding your center? Do you know and remember your center is made of love and light and your own divinity, which is shared with all of creation? You are a special gift. Fear not. Hold still. Breathe in the love that you are, were and will always be. I am. Namaste.

A Message of Love, Balance and Perseverance From RBG

It is with a broken and hopeful heart that I share these words that came through yesterday in a channeled message from RBG. She will continue her work on the other side of the veil, and we must continue on with our work towards love, balance and justice, for they are intricately linked together, and work best when that is known and acknowledged.

Don’t let the fear of being right stop you from the important work you are here to do. (Channeled message from RBG)

I am always a bit shy to share channeled messages from those that have crossed over for fear of getting a fact or a name wrong, and then the old self doubt that comes with that; fear of judgement, etc. This is something I have been working through and it always feels good to share anyway, and move past those old fears. I love that in this message Ruth was very clear that the work we are here to do is far more important than any sense of rightness or perfection. It’s about love, balance and perseverance. We must all start somewhere and move past our fears in order to go to those places we seek. (So if some names or facts are not correct about her life here, please know that the message that came through was so much more important than that, and I could feel her stressing that.) Thank you for reading these messages. I am deeply inspired by you, and by the collective sense of sharing and love we are all able to hold when we come into these spaces together.

A message from Ruth:

I had to go. It was time. I have to be part of the change and also step aside so the change may come. I was a place holder between the old and the new, a doorway and a transition. I want to be with my Arnie (Hal). I want to be with my children. What a life this has been. You think it’s rough, (tough) we’ll just look where we started. And you know what else? As much as what I did was celebrated for my politics and perseverance  and point of view, my secret (not so secret!) ingredient was love. I could never have been the Harvard girl with all those boys (and it kept on being the girls and the boys up until we were old men and women!) without allowing love to be present. This will be learned and this will become commonplace. There is no justice without love. It cannot be. So there you have it. I need not give you an entire dissertation. You know me. You know my story. And now the story will become a new story. I will always be here. I will come back again in time to enjoy the changes I helped to pave the way for. Thank you for knowing me. Thank you for caring about me and respecting me and being part of the change with me. It need not all be perfecto as sometimes we get it “wrong” but in time it’s the wrong things that shape us, so there is no such thing as not right. It all balances out in the end, just like the scales of justice, for which I held so dearly. Thank you my dear for transcribing (stenographer!) my message. L’Shana tova to this new year and its balancing of scales. Namaste. Goodbye. 

A note on the numerology of her passing: 09/18/2020. Nine signifies endings, 18 is chai/life, the doubling of 9, and adds up to 9, so 9 and 9 comes back to 9. All endings. Transition. And 2020 is 4. 9 plus 4, 13 is 4, and 4 is the number for balance, which we are always working to achieve.

When a Tree Falls…

Dear one and ones, one in all and all in one. We wish you a good day, a good morning, a good evening, wherever in the world you are, wherever in the sphere of existence you may be reading this. That our energetic paths are crossing at this moment is miraculous and no coincidence, but this also does not take away from the speciality of it all, this whole existence thing. You are here, in form, at this moment. What it took to bring that about, to make that happen, and yet you fret about all things great and small. Know that all things that occur are also part of that miraculous occurrence, that they were brought here at this moment to occur and not only that, that they entered your awareness. They are now a part of your story. Is that coincidence? The old if a tree fall in the forest proverb. Well once you’ve heard about said tree it is linked to you, it is your story. So you see nothing is random. Threads of everything link the whole tapestry of experience together. You are currently watching many trees fall, whether literally or metaphorically. This is a time of upheaval to allow for rebirth and new growth. Thank the trees that have been standing for all they have provided, the cover from the hot sun, the oxygen you breath, the products you’ve created from them, the money you decided you needed (and those that can see the forest for the trees see we are not just talking about trees here). Those in positions of power, the roles of power themselves, the structure built to house this power and allow it to continue unfettered is a falling tree, but for many many millennia you relied on this to live and have your human experience in duality. Now that you are ready to move beyond, you harbor much anger and regret at this system, but always know on a deeper level you helped create and participate because it was needed for your growth at the time. Much like you may look back at choices in your life, choices you wouldn’t make now, and say how could I have allowed that, how could I have been complicit in creating that situation, and may possibly feel regret or loss or anger over those times and places, but we say dear one that was all part of your evolution. You had to crawl before you could walk, and someday soon you will be thanking yourself for the gift of that learning experience and the fortitude you had in persevering through it and looking back on it with love. Someday when you have some space from these chaotic times, you will see what a gift they are to you, to you all. We are not saying that day is now, but you may already have some perspective on how all of these shifts are allowing a doorway to align with the greater good of humanity and move away from the old paradigms that you are energetically finished with (which is where all change begins) and now are seeing the physical manifestations of those energetic changes. Know this is all part of the process. There is so more we could say, but for now know that in these days of ever shifting change (and more and more and more to come) that you are simply paving the way for what you will do next, and if you’re wondering what that is or how that will feel, look inside your heart and feel the loving vibration that resides there, and know someday soon this will be reflected right back to you on a global scale. You hold the blueprint for the redesign and the key material is love. Never forget the power of THAT. Namaste. I love you. The Creator.

Your Earth is Shifting Too

Dear one, well firstly good morning. We want to go a little slower with this one. We feel there are things to be said and discussed that we do not talk about often. Your earth plane is shifting. This much you know. Generally we do not feel it is important to talk about how the earth itself is shifting in the scale of the larger cosmic order. The entire universe is shifting. Most things are, by design, moving in the order and direction of a spiral. In a two dimensional mode of thinking, a spiral appears flat, where things move in or out from center, generally inward, but in actuality the spiral is a complex multidimensional shape, so that with each rotation of the spiral, a new level of existence is achieved. Let’s call it an up leveling. The centripetal force of the rotation means that the movement does not stop. An object in motion stays in motion. So, your planet, and you of course, though you see yourself as a separate being, you are a finger nail on the pinky of the body of the planet, not separate in any sense, is moving moving moving, into a brand new level of existence. Much as your body template is changing and morphing and shifting (which is part in parcel for you to meet the new frequencies the planet will soon embody), the earth body is changing as well. On the cosmic universal calendar, the year for earth is much like the high water mark for you, as you will remember 2020 as the start of a new era, in retrospect, you will see this, the year the earth is achieving in her record is much similar. Of course it is much much older than your 2020, billions of intergalactic light years, almost incalculable in scope and scale to what you understand of “time”, but some day you will, and on the other side you know, but this is beside the point. This is why we don’t often discuss these larger matters because it is not critical to your mission here, except now it is. As the earth shifts into her new year, you are also shifting, as you must, so that she is not held back by the destructive nature of ignorant behavior. Much like someone walking somewhere with purpose and someone else, a child maybe, holding their leg and pulling them back, out of fear. Your mother is accomplishing something near and dear to her earthly soul, and you must and will mature into the beings that respect that she is an autonomous being, though she gives all of herself to care for you and nourish you. Allow her the same respect and homage. She deserves all of your gratitude. And if you would let her do her job and stand out of her way, you will see how this new phase benefits you as well, in such a beautiful way. We say this not to admonish you at all. And we also say this is a foregone conclusion. She has already done this. You are already evolving and evolved into a place of symbiosis with her, so for those that feel frustrated for what you see being done to the planet, this message is one of hope and reassurance. Know that you also live in a time where this is no longer happening, and this timeline is a memory as well as a precursor, a chance to heal this now for later, and later to heal for now. Again, time is a multidimensional spiral where all happens in the now moment. Past and future are constructs to allow organization of thought and structure but they are very malleable and interchangeable. Everything is and will be ok! And for those of you on earth who do not understand the value of your home, your mother, this is an opportunity for shift, whether by choice or by kicking and screaming. Either way it is an opportunity for your growth and learning. As you learn to flow with the currents of life and the energetic changes, this all becomes much easier, and this too is a deep and beautiful process, and this is why you are here. So when someone is navigating the river with all of their courage, it is not always helpful to explain the Quantum physics behind the existence of said river, and the world at large. It is not the time and place (space) which is why it is not often relevant to talk about the cosmos in this way. As well and as an aside, what exists within you on a microcosm (micro cosmo) is the same, yes the same, as what exists outside of you. As above, so below. All is portals and gateways. Size is an illusion much as time, again to provide context and structure to your larger mission of growth here, but do not be daunted by how small you may perceive yourself to be, based on what you have been taught or even the actual physical scale of things. A mustard seed can move a mountain. You are both the seed and the mountain. Always know this. Always trust this. And if it is easier for you, forget about the larger world outside, whether cosmically or in your daily life. This is not an invitation to ignorance, rather an offering of peace to go within the universe inside you, in love, and see yourself in the spiral of your life as a soul. It is moving just as the earths in moving. Can you feel it? Can you feel the power there? It is a beautiful process. Know that wherever you are on the river of your cosmic life, is where are are meant to be and wanted to be. Allow this to flow. All is in perfect divine harmony, even if you cannot see that or feel that. And if you cannot, it is an opportunity to allow more of that feeling in. Again, the process is the journey and the practice is the joy. We love you so darn much! Thank you for allowing us to take you to the outer edges of time and space and deep within your hearts, minds and souls, as all are one in the same. Namaste 🌏